About us

The Creator of this page is Dave, who wanted to share his vision with the world.
Something about me:
“The passion to create, the drive to make something different started to nourish at a very young age.
I was just a little boy when i got my first slap as i was painting under the table, so the need to paint was a proper instinct.
I continued to pursue this passion as a teenager by making graff and dreaming about travelling the world and leave a trace of my passage through art.
Back in the days people were stating that you could not survive by making art and that people should pursue a proper career and leave childish dreams behind,  however, little did i know that at 29y old i would find myself working as an artist in London.
The way to reach here was long, it took almost 13years, life experiences. Many lows and sleepless nights, moving abroad, being brave , making mistakes and thousands more…but in the end, what you put as a goal and you make effort to obtain you will ultimately achieve.
In London i could finally embrace myself and see people dreaming like me making that dream real, people who live by their own rules, people who wanted to create and share with others, to pass a message, to inspire, to emotion…you name it.
This journey developed together with my little half Ly, who I surprisingly found having my same passion and gift for painting only after many years we knew each other… I think that people with the same purposes ultimately find each other.
Finally, at this point in my life with so much more years to experience and live, i feel satisfied and i would love to share this passion more deeply.
Through Dvisionart I would like to bring people together for an ultimate goal..to create a platform and a community who will not stop to chase the dream and that will bring Art to a next level”.
In this platform you will find the Amazing skills of Marco Pianta Design, who is an amazing designer and also my brother, with who i combine art and Design to create a new concept for the spaces we are surrounded by.
You will also find the amazing skills of Juan “onemorepoly” who with his digital skills and 3D reality will literally give life to the art that we create.
Follow our journey ✨
Our main point of contact in UK and for some of our merchandise, will be at the Graff shop “Wildstyle Cafe” in Stockwell, owned by the amazing graffiti painter chips_cdsk.
Another of our goals is to do some podcasts and interviews with other artists, to share their views, opinions and create a wider and supportive community for painters. (Will follow shortly)
Please do not hesitate and get in touch with us to be part of the Dvisionart community!
Big up, Dave.


Dave Plant


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