Graffiti e murales


Our mission is make our clients happy and vibing with us Querky is one of our oldest partner and the owner Faisal trust us enough to keep in touch regulary with new projects he was looking for some new vibes in Forest gate and we create landscape , an amazing giraffe outside drinking coffe and step by step adding more artwork we fullfill the area ( hand backgate , handyman octopus , abstract door,landscape) The octopus rapresent an human handyman busy to fix many different problems with different tools The giraffe is the rapresentation of our dream lost in the sky and she’s olding a cup of coffe to rappresent their business the hand was a free opportunity to use the space in the backyard to attract the people and make the area a bit more interesting for the resident in the meantime he opened another querky in shadwell where he asked to install neon light and spray paint effect toghether with his own logo then he gave us a blank canvas in Walthamston his first shop and we created something unique as the design come out of the walls and goes on the floor then with the afro woman and her pair of glass we reflected the city where we living , London


Its a restaurant chain based in Birmingham, England Uk
Keyana il loro store manager ci ha chiesto di dipingere la giraffa della Southbank a Londra l'anno scorso con diversi cantanti famosi , li riconosci?
Sentitevi liberi di andare a provare il loro cibo e bevande mentre si guarda Westminster o le nostre opere d'arte , la sua fino a voi!

Van trucks

Van Africa = un piccolo proprietario di un negozio a New Cross Gate che ha origini africane, aveva questo furgone giallo che era completamente rotto, quindi l'abbiamo rinnovato.

an (travel) = Abbiamo creato questo van per due avventurosi viaggiatori. Rappresenta la loro passione per l'avventura e per l'esplorazione.

Layer = amazing Layer food truck that travels around seeling nice gourmet sandwiches. Brought some colour so that they could be recognised in the street.

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